Cable Management


Umbilical attaching to a beam under a desk which brings cables up to the horizontal cable tray.

Desk mounted power module conveniently places power where the user can easily access it. Often this is the “user accessible power” for chargers and other desk top items. The under-desk power is then dedicated for IT requirements.

Cable Management

Cable management can dramatically clear the clutter under a desk as well as eliminating problems such as data loss through cables being accidentally removed or damaged.

Every desking system has a range of solutions, which we can tailor to your requirements.

Many IT departments find this is the place to start when assessing the desk choice, we can help guide you through this process and help ensure your desk is conforming to the relevant British Standard.


Two typical under desk set ups showing cables entering through the umbilical into the cable tray. Data and power are separated ensuring conformity to British Standards. Power is delivered to the socket outlet conveniently located under the work-surface in a basket.


Central processing unit (CPU) is shown retained in a simple under-desk sling. This lifts the processor from the floor helping to avoid knocks but also making it more accessible to the user. This sling is probably one of the simplest forms of support. More secure units are available as well as locking devices, to complete boxes where CPU is completely secure.