Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation is tailored for each project to suit your needs. We will fully assess your requirements to ensure you receive the best service.

Some guidelines:
When do you want delivery and installation to happen, weekend, out of hours, or during the working day?
Does access to the building affect the above?
Is access to the building affected by other tenants?
How will the installation affect your personnel?
How will the installation affect IT and downtime?

Order process on single chair orders:
Once payment is received the order goes live on the manufacturer.
All products are built to your order.
We receive an acknowledgement date which in turn we will confirm to you.
Delivery dates are based upon product lead-time which can vary between 10 and 30 working days.
Delivery days are based upon a postcode allocated schedule.
We will remind you prior to the delivery day.
It’s not possible to book a specific delivery time but we are often able to estimate approximately.

Task seating comes fully assembled in a large box. Delivery includes tailgate delivery only. Meaning you may have to leave the comfort of you workplace and bring you new chair in from the driver. (It will be worth it!)