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Desks can vary from high status executive desks to simple touch-down or hot desks.Since introduction of the flat screen monitors over the more traditional CRT screens, desking sizes have significantly reduced.

We can supply desks from standard ranges that are pre-designed in standard dimensions and finishes. We are also able to design solutions specifically to your requirements and also help guide you through the design process.

We can assist you by running through these and assessing what you currently have; then planning your ideas into the space.

How many desks do you need?
How many desk do you need long term? ( do you have any expansion plans)
Can you identify different groups of users, do these need locating together?
What are the size requirements of workspace for each type of user? ( Sometimes politically it is better to supply only one size of desk)
What is the area available to accommodate the identified number of users?
What are the storage requirements of each group?
Is there a specific finish you require or want to match to?
Is there a particular “look” you want to achieve? (For instance a bank may wish to infer stability by having very substantial looking desks) Whereas a creative design company will often go for a lighter look.
Do you have any technology you would like to incorporate? ( Some users may require more than one monitor or CPU’s which may influence the functionality of the desk chosen)
Do you have any special cable management requirements? Fibre optic cables, network cables.