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Herman Miller Embody

Drawing on and bringing all the research and knowledge gained through the development and production of the Aeron, Mirra, and Celle, creating the Embody.

“Probably the most comfortable chair in the world!”

True innovation manifests itself in many forms. With Embody, innovation oozes from every contact point your body makes with the chair. Embody makes you feel like you’re floating. It promotes health-positive sitting. It helps you focus on your work and think more clearly. In fact, it’s the first work chair that supports your body and your mind.

I often meet clients at the Herman Miller showroom who have complained of a bad back. If they walk through the door and they are tall, six foot or more, I know the chair they will want. As a slightly more expensive chair in the Herman Miller range I often warn people of the relative cost before they sit down, as the chair is incredibly comfortable and taller people will never have experienced a chair that is so supportive so high up their back. With a unique form of sliding seat and adjustable height and width arms the chair will also accommodate people of far smaller stature as well.

If you would like more advice or you require more than one chair please call and we will be able to help. Were happy to send you a formal quote, along with details of other options.