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Herman Miller Celle Chair

It’s a work chair like no other. Celle (pronounced séll-a) has the innovative Cellular Suspension, a patented seat-and-back system to ensure people sit comfortably and healthy throughout the day.

The Celle offers some unique characteristics for an office chair, in that it can be specified without any fabric on the seat and back. This makes the chair incredibly rugged and so it can be used in harsh conditions where fabric may degrade rapidly.

Celle derives its name from the Cells which are interlinked creating the seat and back surface. The links flex allowing the cells to move and so creating superb ergonomic support without the need for traditional foam and fabric.   Combine this with adjustable seat depth and adjustable arms and this delivers a rugged ergonomic chair to suit the whole workforce.

If you would like more advice or you require more than one chair please call and we will be able to help. Were happy to send you a formal quote, along with details of other options.