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Layout Studio™

Layout Studio™ is an adaptive office system to help you make more of any space. Beautifully designed and carefully crafted, every detail is finished to the highest standard.

Each element of Layout Studio offers flexibility and possibility. With minimal impact, offices can be transformed – from open-plan environments (which informed the name of our core elements, Layout Studio) to private spaces (Layout Suites™)* and even areas for people to congregate and socialise (Layout Spaces™). The whole system was designed to grow alongside an organisation, regardless of its size. Whether it’s a global or smaller scale business, Layout Studio adapts to technological, social and working trends.

  • Core components – a range of materials and finishes that offer identity and expression. Being able to personalise space is as important as the design itself.
  • Leg styles – for a truly flexible system, we’ve designed Engage (triangular leg), Engage + (height-adjustable triangular leg).
  • Twin beam design – to provide a stable under structure from which all screens, monitor arms and wire management is supported. Allows easy access and for new components to be installed without disruption.