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A new benching system, designed to help companies be more agile.

Listen. Share. Respond. Create.

We increasingly do a lot of different activities at work, but providing a myriad of complex products that are expensive to buy and harder to manage and maintain is not always the answer. By re-inventing the desk structure to make it more relevant, Memo provides an efficient platform that helps users find whatever place best suits their task.

From Wednesday 6th December 2017, Memo will be available to order via EOS on a 20-day lead time from the 20-day Memo Catalogue.  The options available from launch include:

  • Single desks
  • Back-to-back clusters
  • Project tables
  • Integrated meeting ends
  • Fabric, melamine, veneer and whiteboard screen
  • Memo Accessories including a range of tray, bookshelf and shared shelf options
  • Atlas Power modules
  • Wire management solutions
  • CBS Ollin and Flo monitor arm grommet attachment support