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Stem places storage at the heart of working environments. It divides, connects, stores and saves, making space work harder.

Fresh thinking.

The world of work is evolving. We need to meet the needs of individuals and create opportunities for collaboration. At the same time we need to store professional and personal belongings. Balancing these needs, we challenged ourselves to rethink how we use the space around us.

The result is Stem. A fully integrated solution, it can be a simple cohesive storage system; the means to create agile working spaces and public zones or placed at the very centre of workplace design, from which everything grows.

Simply clever. Always creative.

The building blocks of Stem are simple. Steel units, in dimensions that are clever multiples of the base. This means that every unit can be connected, configured and reconfigured.

Limitless colours, materials and finishes make Stem a canvas for individual creativity. Unit tops can be finished in wood or glass. Back panels can be dressed in steel, wood, pinnable board, woven blankets or wipe boards. Doors can be mono, slider or tipper and made of acrylic, wood, steel or glass.

Joined up thinking, from the start.

Storage is too often left out of the design and planning process. It’s just seen as an add-on. Born of systems furniture thinking that storage and office furniture should be integrated, Stem shows that everything is better, together.

Stem enables. Architects, specifiers and designers can put Stem at the centre of their plans. It can guide the design process and be the template on which everything else is built. It makes space work harder. Plans can be more imaginative. Solutions more practical, more personal. Connecting seamlessly with Herman Miller’s desking systems, it’s modular, adaptable and future-proof.

A personal solution.

Stem creates the space for people to express themselves. To store the things they need day-to-day. From discreet pinboards to display photographs and shopping lists, to tipper boxes that hold trainers, bike helmets and handbags.

Even in the office environment where space is tight, this clever storage system gives everybody the opportunity to be an individual. And so they feel more at home. Even when they’re at work.